How to Get the Referrals and Leads Going in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you can set out to find plenty of referral business as part of your contact and meeting program with current clients and new prospects.  When a client or prospect trusts you and respects your skills, it is the right time to ask about referrals to others.

How can you pose the question?  When should you ask for referrals?  How can you attract those referrals to other property people needing help?  Think about these facts:

  • Why should you offer your services to others?
  • What can you do that is of real benefit to the property market?
  • What are the property investors and business owners looking for by way of property help?
  • Who are your best clients and contacts that already trust you as a property specialist?


Seek Out the Referrals and Leads

You can or should be seeking referrals leads and business opportunities from all of your VIP clients in an ongoing way.  To start the process of contact off, give all of you VIP contacts a call and set up a series of meetings.  From that point onward the following strategy can be used:

  1. Gather your market research first – Get some valuable information from the property market that you can use in an interesting way with all of your contacts.
  2. Create visual material – The best conversations with clients occur based around visual material and particularly graphs and pictures. You can load plenty of those things into your tablet computer for ease of access and display.
  3. What can you give your clients as a ‘leave behind’? – Consider the value of leaving something with the client. A chart or a series of property facts from the local area will help you show meaningful value and relevance.  Don’t create a fancy brochure thinking that the client will retain it and perhaps even read it; the sad fact is that most marketing brochures are ‘binned’ and never read.  Base your client contact strategy around property visuals, charts, and statistics.  Create useful information that they will use and return to over time.
  4. Provide some gift of gratitude for a referral – Any information that converts to a useful contact or new business for the future is worth a gift of gratitude. That does not mean descending to the levels of ‘graft and corruption’.  It is simply says something can be given that shows you are appreciative of a good lead from a valuable contact.

If you use this meeting strategy with your VIP clients and prospects, it is really easy to ask the question about referrals and leads.  If they respect your professional skills as an agent or broker locally then the question will not be hard to put to the right people, and they are likely to share the right referrals to you.

Keep up the ongoing contact and soon a series of meetings will be producing some good leads for you.

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