How to Grow Your Client Base in Commercial Brokerage

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We all know that the commercial real estate market is quite competitive today. That being said, there are many property situations waiting to be opened up and optimized.

Don’t worry about your competitors in real estate, as they will always be there; build your own market and make a difference in doing so.  Improve yourself and your engagement strategies with local people.

Whilst the number of agents in each area will vary, the factors of territory domination and relevance locally become really important in attracting the right levels of enquiry and target market for each listing.  

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Think about these questions:

  • Why are you a specialist locally and do your clients and prospects know that?
  • How can you connect with people frequently in a special way?
  • Why will someone remember you as the agent they need?

Essentially you and your agency team needs to build market opportunity continually and constantly in and around the other agents with whom you compete.  Monitoring your market share will become part of the process. Start talking to people for the first three hours of the day. Build your business in conversations with local people.

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