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How to Grow Your Client List in 5 Easy Steps

People are important in our property industry and are the basis of business growth.  Connect with more people on a regular basis, as that is where you will find opportunities with listings.  Those people should know you, respect you, and trust you when it comes to commercial property information and activities.  So, you need a planned approach to prospecting.  In today’s podcast you can learn how to build your client list with direct and deliberate prospecting on a regular basis.


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Professional communication and constant contact over time will help you achieve those targets.  Most brokers and agents can’t get the ‘constant contact’ issue under control.  Can you be better than the rest?  It can be an amazing business opportunity for you.


Your prospect list is perhaps the most important business tool that you have. It really doesn’t matter what brokerage you work for today, as the brokerage will only contribute to perhaps only 25% of your business momentum and conversions. Everything else is personally generated and your database and prospect list will be firmly in the middle of those activities.


Here is the podcast for you:


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