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In commercial real estate brokerage, you can do more with marketing and specifically these 3 rules in the video will help you with that with all your listings.

Know the property and the local enquiry.  From that, it is essential that you focus your marketing and prospecting efforts in particular ways so you can find clients and listings more effectively.  Sell your marketing packages using these 3 ideas.


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There is no point in spreading yourself across a wide area or a great number of property types to find new business or promote your listings; let the online listing do that.  You can be more specific, as the broader approach to prospecting and marketing generally produces sporadic results.  Look at all your listings and promote them specifically into a group or targeted audience.  Go deeper into your targets.

Check out the video and set your promotional targets.  Find the location that works for you and then concentrate on the property types and sizes that you can relate to and talk about. Comprehensively cover your territory in a logical and direct way. The clients that we serve are attracted to agents that really know what they are talking about.

Here is today’s video on that: