How to Lease More Retail Shops

Finding the right retail tenants to lease shops within your shopping centre can be quite a special process and it is critical to stay ahead of the vacancies. Customers don’t like to see vacant shops, and that can be a big negative in property performance if it is not contained. This podcast today is all about retail shop leasing.

So where can you start with this? It is a matter of finding the right tenant for the location and the tenancy mix and the balance of retail shop offering. Every shop is different when it comes to leasing; every shopping centre is unique, as will be the requirements of the landlord or property investor.

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Are you a retail shop specialist? Get to know all the activities and vacancies in shopping centres locally as well as the tenants and the landlords. Where can you help with leasing? Who do you know in retail tenant merchandising that could suit certain properties?

When you make the right leasing decisions in a retail shopping centre, everyone benefits and the customers remain engaged with shopping at the property. The landlord, customers, and the other tenants all see benefits in the choices that you make in finding the best tenant with the retail offering for the property and the shop. Listen to the podcast and get some ideas on this.

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