How to Make 2014 a Great Year in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

I know 2014 hasn’t started yet, but from a commercial real estate point of view it certainly has. If you want the new 2014 year to be a better one than this, then you should start working on a few very important things right now.

Here are some interesting facts that are just so common at this time:

  • Some agents and brokers shut down their efforts in a week or so and ‘coast’ up to Christmas in ‘standby mode’ (a big mistake)
  • Some agents and brokers don’t start work again till late January and are happy to use the market as an excuse to not do much before then (a bigger mistake)

These are very scary issues if you work on commission!  Now is the time to build momentum and plans for 2014.  Don’t let a day slip by leading up to Christmas where you can contact fresh and new people.  Work really hard right through to Christmas!  Start work early again in January.

Get some real advantage over your competition by working hard right now.  Set up your targets and start finding those new clients and prospects so that next year can be a better year in listings and commissions.

‘Change doesn’t happen without effort’

Last week I shared a few tips online in a webinar with a CBD real estate team about next year.  Have a read of what I said to them and see what you think:

  1. Prospecting should be a big focus now for every agent and broker, as many business owners are starting to think about business changes, relocations, expansion, and contraction.  Those business owners need property information to help them through.
  2. Many property campaigns start again in late January.  It pays to find a few properties now that you can set up for a new promotional effort in that way.  Position a few properties for the early New Year promotion.
  3. Some of your competitors clients with ‘stale listings’ will be revisiting their property position now and want to look at a new marketing strategy to shift their property or vacancy.
  4. Circulate flyers and marketing material into the business community to run a ‘property update’ briefing prior to Christmas.  It is remarkable how many investors and business owners will show an interest in attending.
  5. Some of your current clients will be looking at property decisions and directions.  Set up lots of meetings leading up to Christmas with your clients and VIP prospects.
  6. Revisit that 2013 real estate business plan process that really went slow for you this year.  Determine what went wrong and avoid any further errors in personal effort and direction.  That’s what top agents do.
  7. Look at your commercial real estate market indicators now for more opportunity

So these are simple rules and so important to helping you start next year in a top way.  There are lots of listings and commissions to be converted by those agents that work to a plan and a process of action.  Determine your strengths as an agent and do more of them.  Understand your weaknesses (we all have them) and solve them fast.  Make the 2014 year a great year in commercial real estate brokerage.

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