Brokerage Podcast

How to Make Your Listing Pitch the Best Choice for the Client

When you are to make a listing presentation in commercial or retail property, it pays to have a system covering the property type, the existing market conditions, and location.  Take steps to help the client think deeply about the real facts of their property and the available solutions.  Your solutions are important to the conversion of the presentation.  Make it easy for them to make a choice of agent and marketing; it’s not all about being ‘cheap’ or providing ‘no marketing costs’.  Ultimately the client is ‘intelligent’ and they know that ‘cheap’ and ‘free’ are not real solutions to their property problem.  Comprehensive information and local market knowledge will always help you with the correct listing momentum and potentially close on an offer.  Preparation is the key to getting a result.  Here is today’s podcast on creating a high-quality property presentation.