How to Market Your Commercial Real Estate Office

The commercial property market is competitive.  There are plenty of agents working within the property type and your location.  This being said, it is very necessary to promote your commercial real estate brand and agency effectively and directly.

Here are some tips to help you consolidate your real estate office marketing.

  1. If you are part of a real estate franchise group you will have to follow the group’s rules when it comes to branding and marketing material.  In many instances I have seen the costs of this franchise related branding material to exceed that which you would normally pay locally.  If you are considering joining a franchise group, make sure that you have investigated the rules and the obligations that apply to real estate office marketing.  Whilst it is nice to have someone design and control your marketing material for you, it should be taken in balance and compared to other local suppliers.
  2. The golden rule in real estate today is to get signboards out into your territory.  If your office is relatively new, you may struggle with getting exclusive listings.  This then says that your signboards will be placed on open listings with other agencies.  Over time you should be focusing on exclusive listings and quality signage on each on property.  It is the exclusive listings that can give you better much market share, committed clients, and controlled enquiries.
  3. You will need a website as part of the marketing process.  Your website should be designed to capture enquiry from visitors to the site; you can do this with an opt-in box on your home page.  The website should also be optimized for search engine exposure.
  4. From the website you can structure a social media campaign, link your database, build e-mail enquiry, and create a regular blogging process.  These simple things will help your website grow substantially as a business tool of customer attraction.  An active website is seen by the search engines.  That will give you better ranking for the average property enquiry made through the search engines.
  5. The local property industry will have a recognized industry portal on the Internet where your listings should also be promoted.  Whilst this has to be done, there will be a cost involved and that cost should be part of a vendor paid advertising.  Banners and priority placement on the industry portal are also available at a premium cost.  It is well known that these strategies are very desirable and productive if you want more enquiries.  That being said, the extra cost is also a vendor responsibility.  Your listing presentation and sales pitch needs to cover and seek the cost commitment of the client.

A good real estate agency is a reflection of quality salespeople working to an ethic and a plan.  Those salespeople should understand the factors that build the brand for the business.

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