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In today’s commercial real estate podcast program you can learn about the five particular factors that tend to drive more opportunity for brokers around the world when it comes to sales and leasing activity.

You can use these 5 particular strategies in your business and in your location. 

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As part of this brokerage program today the items in the podcast to help you in brokerage are as follows:

  1. There is a specialisation focus here to help you understand the importance of driving your personal profile in the local area as a property specialist that provides better and more improved services than those of your competition. There is no point in being the same as everyone else when it comes to commercial real estate brokerage.
  2. You can learn about the opportunities of referral business and repeat business with the quality clients that you have serviced over time, and those that you are working with this year. Take every client relationship and do something positive with it. Grow relationships with specialised services and market information. Most of the clients that we work with require up to date market knowledge when it comes to rent, prices, and business occupancy. The Investors of the property market like to know how they can improve their property performance and net income.  That is where you can provide unique information and guidance relating to your town or city and the property market. Engage with the people locally, and provide that up-to-date property information. 
  3. Learn about the opportunities of reward and commission in commercial real estate brokerage both in sales and leasing activity. Build your market share around the reward opportunities and the quality listings and quality clients. Create a system of opportunity where you can connect with the right people each day into their property challenges and provide definite solutions to fast-track their results and resolve their challenges
  4. The best agents of the property market know how to provide solid and relevant solutions for their clients in their location.  Most property transactions today are location-based and location biased. That is why you should specialise in a location and within a property type. 
  5. Learn how to position yourself against the other brokerage competition in your town or city. Position yourself for more opportunity and better client engagement solutions. Make sure that the client remembers you at the right time when they have a property challenge and require assistance. The best agents of any property market are always remembered by their clients when a challenge arises with property ownership or occupancy. That is the strategy that you should strive to implement in your real estate business
  6. Know how to profile your target market and client base so that you can grow your market share consistently over time.  When you understand your client base, you will also know how to get the conversations and meetings underway within that client profile and market segment. Focus deeply and directly into your particular client segments and the precincts of opportunity locally. You are the local agent, and on that basis ensure that you are connecting with the right people in the right way, and particularly those clients or prospects that you can serve over time. 

So there are some definite strategies here today in this podcast, that can help you grow your commercial real estate business consistently and with a focus on one particular thing, and that is local quality.

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