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In taking your commercial property listing to the market, there are some advertising decisions to be made, and some marketing channels to be used. Some promotional ideas are better than others.

In this video today, we take you into the online marketing alternatives to help you get better results from your property listings. Ultimately you can lift your enquiry rates if you do the right things in target marketing your property advertisement.

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In the video we cover:

  1. Converting vendor paid marketing and the importance of that
  2. How to balance internet marketing and social media choices
  3. Why you should spread the marketing campaign and how to do that
  4. What you can do to cover the target market comprehensively
  5. How to use marketing keywords and why that is important
  6. How to use the main advertising headlines
  7. What you can do to simplify your advertising layout
  8. How you can use and create professional photographs in your property marketing

Check out the full video about property marketing below:

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