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How to Plan a Sales Day and Timetable

The commercial real estate brokerage process is quite specific when you think about it. You have your available time, your listings, and your clients. From that, you can establish a timetable approach to getting more results with your better listings.

Improve your time and your activities to a system or focus each day. With good listings and an active property market around you, that idea works well.

Key Activities for Brokerage

There are only five or six key issues to work with in brokerage. They are typically prospecting, presenting, listing, marketing, inspecting, and negotiating. Within each of those categories, there are things that you can improve and hone so that your conversions are improving.

Repeating your activities in a consistent way is essentially the key to getting anywhere in brokerage sales and leasing. Develop your system using these ideas in the slide deck.

Today I want to give you that ‘sales timetable’ that will allow you to consider the key parts of your real estate business as a broker or agent, and how you are optimizing them. The ‘timetable’ is part of a slide deck in PDF, so you can download the ideas and keep them. Here they are below.

Brokerage Slide Deck Download

sales timetable slide deck for brokerage
Here is a sales timetable approach for commercial real estate agents.

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