How to Present and Pitch for Commercial Real Estate Listings – Tips for Commercial Agents

When it comes to presenting and pitching for commercial real estate business, it is critical that you adopt the team approach wherever possible.  In this way, you can cover the issues and complexities of the property type and the local market.

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Until you have been in the industry for many years, it will be unlikely that you will have all the necessary experience and market information to comprehensively cover all important issues in a property listing presentation.

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What Are Your Competitors Doing?

Most of your competitors will be doing the same thing when it comes to attracting the listing and the attention of the client.  In this current property market, most listings are competitively tendered, and you will be up against at least three or four other agencies in the pitching process.

Whilst the client may have already made their choice on the agent of priority or choice, they will still most likely need to justify their final decision and will invite a number of agents to the table as part of that investigation and final listing decision process.

Multiple People Involvement

Most experienced agents and established agencies will involve a number of people when it comes to an important sale or lease listing presentation.  All of their top people will be involved in the client connection and the strategy involved in serving the client.

It should also be said that property management could very well be required as part of the initial listing pitch or presentation.  The right people with the right information will get you across the line.

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Presenting and Pitching for a Listing

Here are some tips to help you with the joint team effort in an important property presentation.

  1. Ensure that all of your key people have inspected the property comprehensively before you meet with the client.  As part of that process, take extensive photographs in and around the property so that you can review the key issues and strategies that may influence the client.  From that group of digital photographs, select 15 to 20 that will be central to your presentational process and key message.
  2. Given the property type and the location, consolidate a list of market trends and activity relative to the property and of importance to the presentation process.  Facts and figures will support your thoughts and ideas.  Have details of prices and rents that apply to the property type together with the factors of time on the market, best methods of sale or lease, and the supply and demand for a local property today.  Tell the client what is going on in the property market today with relation to the rates of enquiry.
  3. Select a team leader for the presentation who can move the discussion between key people as the pitch proceeds.  Whilst all members of the team may be very experienced and of equal stature in the team, only one team member can control the presentation or pitch.  That team member needs to know their position and strategy, and they should be experienced enough to be able to move the conversation to various people depending on the point of discussion, the skills, or client question.
  4. All team members need to know the ultimate deal or desired outcome of the ultimate listing or transaction required.  They should all concur with the factors to be recommended to the client and understand the strategy of getting there.

The sales pitch and presentation process will become much easier when you have the key people at the table with the client all working to the common goal.

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