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In the commercial property market today there are plenty of things for agents and brokers to focus on and opportunities to create so organization in the process is quite important. In many respects, there can be too many things happening each day, and therefore your efforts as a property specialist can be diluted and lost across an unrealistic area or too many property types.  Become more specialised in your industry and location and control the things that you do.  Don’t spread yourself too far in activities or property spread.



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So, where can you start with this?  Understand the advantages of specialised focus so that you can direct your business efforts into a location of suitable size and variations of property activity. Look at what has been happening locally over time with the property market.  To identify those factors you can do an assessment of historic sales and leasing activity for the area over the last two or three years. You can also assess the levels of current business activity and consider the business growth potential for the zone.


There is plenty of potential in most towns or cities for your real estate business to thrive.  Some agents struggle for too long in an area with very little growth and weak business sentiment. Understand what is happening around you when it comes to the property market, local businesses, and property investors.  Engage with your property market.


In today’s podcast, I want to share some ideas about action steps and planning. There are 8 factors that I mention here that will help you boost your real estate business comprehensively if you ‘follow through’.