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How to Tap Into the Fast Growing Investment Property Leasing Market

Look around your town or city to understand exactly what is happening in brokerage leasing from both a landlord and tenant perspective.

There will be segments in the market that you can service and specialize in. There will be tenants and landlords struggling with leasing issues.  Vacancy factors create pressure in the property market.

Leasing Change and Churn

So things related to investment property will always be under change and churn, and you can be the professional brokerage solution to tenants and landlords in so many different ways. When you understand the current property market, you can see the opportunities to offer at the right time to the right people.

Success in brokerage leasing is commonly based on timing, professional relevance, and personal contact over time. Your database will be at the centre of those things.  Take daily steps to grow your database. Own the process and undertake it personally.

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So What Can You Do in Leasing?

Look for opportunities in servicing the segments of landlords and tenants. The landlords locally need vacancy resolution and are likely to be struggling with tenant mix and rental income. On the other hand, tenants typically need to move premises and relocate from time to time; they need to find the best solution and outcome for their business’s growth and future.

So you can help with both of these things, and a specific prospecting and promotional strategy is required to target the segments of tenants and clients that you can serve. You can achieve top rankings in brokerage leasing locally if you plan your contact approach with the right people and take specific action around that.

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Be Better in Leasing

If you want to rise to the top of the brokerage leasing market in your town or city, then you must consider a few specific promotional ideas and factors of client attraction at a personal level. Most of the new business that you convert over time will be personally generated. Here are some things to help with that:

  1. Get to know plenty of tenants locally. The value of your business should be built around your database, and that database should be growing every day with new tenant contact and landlord interaction. Failure to build a database, is the beginning of failure in the industry.
  2. Focus on the larger tenants and the bigger corporations from a leasing perspective. Size really does matter when it comes to property leasing and negotiations. The larger tenants typically need specialised help when it comes to finding a new property to relocate to. They are also prepared to pay for the professional services offered by a leasing expert. You can offer the right solutions in that situation. You can specialise in tenant advocacy and tenant services.
  3. Pitch and present your lease listing services based on tenant contact and coverage. When presenting your services to landlords, use your database and tenant coverage as leverage. Talk about the number of tenants that you know locally, and show the client the depth and opportunities in the database. It is very difficult for a potential client to ignore a comprehensive tenant list and tenant contact process. Show your database’s complexity and size as part of a presentation and listing pitch.
  4. Understand the current market conditions that apply to both tenants and landlords. Throughout the year, market conditions will change when it comes to rentals, lease conditions, and business sentiment. Shift and adjust your professional services based on the current and predictable market conditions. Work with both landlords and tenants, but adjust the services offered to the prevailing market pressures.
  5. Develop a number of alternatives to negotiating rentals, lease terms, and occupancy issues. There are many ways to negotiate into and through a lease situation. There are different ways to establish the initial market rental, and then review that rental over time. Remember the targets and expectations of your client in the leasing process. Add value to the services offered by specifically recommending lease alternatives that benefit the client.

All of these things are simple and straightforward. They do, however, require a specific approach as part of your presentation and pitch to potential clients, be they landlords or tenants. You can act for and serve both types of customers, but only one will be your client in each case.

You simply need to remember who the client is and what they want when it comes to the leasing strategy and the potential transaction. Understand the client’s targets and move on them with a deliberate focus.

Package the best listing and marketing approaches for your leasing clients given the current market conditions. Explain exactly what you are going to do, and then give a few valuable recommendations to the process.

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