How to Track Local Commercial Property News to Win More Clients and Listings

In commercial real estate brokerage today you should be creating and tracking local property news.  The news from the local area will be of interest to the clients and property investors that you serve.  The local property news will also help you improve your brand and social media activities.

As an industry professional, the information that you provide should be informative, relevant to an area, and specific to a property type.  Get away from generic news that other agents will be providing; be specific and direct when it comes to your local property news for your town or city.

Local property facts

When you correctly track and monitor the local property news, you can do all of the following:

  • Load relevant articles and media updates your website
  • Create and feed a property blog for your brokerage
  • Reconfigure articles and media content into an informative audio or video program for your clients
  • Supply information to your clients as part of the listing presentation process
  • Provide quarterly updates to your qualified prospects and clients through a regular newsletter
  • Feel important topics and information into your social media strategy

There are some good things that you can do here when it comes to providing information to the right people locally about commercial real estate, investment activity, and the general property market.

Get things going

Here are some strategies to help you get this process underway:

  1. Upcoming property developmentsmonitor all of the new property developments under consideration at the local planning office. Large or new property developments will be of interest to the market generally.
  2. Changes to precinct or zoning – understand how a precinct could be changed due to road configurations, property zoning, or precinct redevelopment. Any upcoming change will be a valuable concept to write about or talk to in your property news.
  3. Levels of enquiry – the property market will change throughout the year as will the levels of enquiry relating to a segment of property type. You can and should track the levels of enquiry coming to your brokerage.  The levels of enquiry will be valuable information to be supplied as part of any article or property news update.
  4. Time on market – track all of your listings to understand how long they are staying on market. There will be differences between leasing and sales when it comes to time on market.  There will also be differences that apply within property quality and location.  The time on market equation can be an interesting reference point when it comes to future marketing strategy.

There are some good things that you can do here when it comes to tracking recent and relevant property market activity.  From that information you can provide comprehensive local property news service applying to commercial and or retail real estate.

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