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In commercial real estate brokerage, understand the value of your time and the resource that is available to you every day. How you use your time will greatly impact the results that you achieve in brokerage, listings, commissions, and client database.

So where do you start? Essentially, devote some time to connecting with new people as part of a business habit that you put in your working diary every working day.

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In this podcast, you can learn how to achieve better results with simple rules applying to time management, task applications, and brokerage activities. You can learn how to convert the new business more efficiently and frequently with your brokerage activities and why that is so important.

Take charge of your real estate business and do so with a focus on getting results efficiently and directly. Take charge of your diary and the activities that you get involved with every day. Remove the obstacles that can divert you from consistently growing your brokerage momentum.