How You Can Reach Out to More Local Property Investors

There are plenty of property investors in most towns or cities looking to add to and or shift their commercial real estate investments.  The important thing here for most brokers and agents is in how the investors can be found and served.


Are you looking for some more new business?  Choose your territory and get to know the local property investors, their portfolios, their purchasing preferences, and the investment targets.  Some of these people are more successful than others in the location.  Look into the history of the area, and you will find transactions and people that have been investing or selling.



How to Build Your Local Contact System


How do you reach out to the investors and what are they looking for?  There are a few strategies to the process.  You are focusing on the questions and the priorities of the property market from an investment perspective.  You are building on the strengths of the location and resolving the weaknesses of the property or property type.  You are the strategist.


Change and churn in a local property zone or precinct will produce trends and opportunities. Some property owners and business owners will be more motivated than others when it comes to purchasing, sale, renovation, and new developments.


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These Are Proven Investor Connection Strategies


Here are some proven ideas to get started on that:


  1. Local property information is the best foundation of reaching out to more investors in a relevant way.  You can create information papers or briefs on recent market information and trends in sales and leasing.
  2. You can use graphs of prices and rents by property types.  The graphical approach to real estate information is far more effective than the written word. What you want to do is attract the attention of others.
  3. You want to show the real estate world that you are a serious player in local property listings and activity. Talk about your current listings and what the property enquiry for the location may be doing.  Write articles about your local area and the property pressures and changes that are underway.  Distribute the reports into your social media platforms and blog sites.  Remember that the search engines like so see an online real estate platform that is informative and helpful.  That is where your blog platform can help you with local area marketing and business presence.
  4. You can also use local property listings as reasons to talk to the local property owners and investors.  Marketing material such as brochures and flyers for listings will generate interest.  Get those flyers into the business letterboxes of your city.  It is a cost-effective way of reaching decision makers and helping them see that other quality properties are available in the location for occupancy.
  5. The history of property purchase and change in the location will help you see just who the property investors are.
  6. Check out the local professionals such as accountants, property attorneys, and the lenders or financiers for a location.  They know the people that you want to know.  Build relationships with these industry related professionals.  Use them to get closer to their clients.  Show the value that you bring to a ‘property interested person’.  Be the ‘go-to source’ of information in prices, rents, availability, and marketing of the property type.
  7. Put up plenty of signboards in a location.  Those signs will show others that you have a command of the property market.  Signboards bring in property enquiry; it is a simple formula.


So, these are simple ways you can find more property investors in your location and build a real estate business on investment opportunity.  Be the ‘agent of choice’ when it comes to your area and preferred property types.  Find the listings and or the clients early in the property cycle.

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