Impressive New Business Proposals and Presentations in Commercial Real Estate Today

There is a big difference between an effective high quality proposal in commercial real estate sales or leasing, versus a generic one.  The high quality proposal addresses the concerns of the client and shows them that you have the best solution to take their property to the market in a comprehensive and successful way.

Ultimately that property solution provided should show them how you can provide a timely result with the best price or rent (as the case may be).  The generic proposal today doesn’t work, given that many agents and brokerages are usually pitching for the same listing in a competitive way.

So how effective are your proposals?  Do they support or hinder your progress to a listing?  If you want to win a quality property appointment with an exclusive listing, everything must support the process, and that includes your proposal document.

Here are some important factors to question or explain as part of your pitch document for the property:

  1. Show the client that you really understand their property and their challenge given the competing listings in the same area and the prevailing rates of enquiry.  Use photographs, charts, and checklists to summarize the current factors impacting the clients situation and how you will move ahead.
  2. Comprehensively explain the market conditions as they apply to the property and the target market.  As part of that you can provide a commentary on current levels of enquiry coming to you today and how you can tap into that enquiry further.  Confidence and local area knowledge will help you greatly with this approach.
  3. Put yourself into the property solution and marketing processes as you see them working.  You should offer specific sale or lease remedies and strategies that other agents are not proposing.  Tell the client how you will personally be taking their exclusively listed property to the local investors and business owners.  An ‘exclusive’ listing should always get your personal attention as part of marketing locally.
  4. Provide a communication strategy and feedback process that the client can tap into at any time of day.  That can be achieved by using a ‘private portal’ on your website for your VIP clients to log into; that portal then links to their marketing campaign updates, draft advertising, inspection reports, feedback sheets, and photography and video portfolios.
  5. Your database should be a big part of your marketing and promotional process.  Show your client how big the database is and how relevant it is to their property; segment the database to provide a short list of say 25 people that you can take to the listing as soon as it is released for inspection.  It is difficult for any client to ignore a short list of ‘interested parties’ that are already qualified and ready to inspect the listing.

Your proposal to the client should be clear, readable, and relevant.  Given that most property sale and or lease situations are complex, use a Gantt chart to illustrate to your client how you will move ahead with promoting their property.

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