Key Principles of Commercial Real Estate Agent Success

They say that there are many roads to becoming successful in most sales based industries and that is true.  In commercial real estate agency sales and leasing there are also many ways to rise to the top of your market as a top agent.  In saying that, there are some relevant observations that can help you rise to the top of your local property market as a top agent.

Common Threads

The one common ‘success’ thread that exists across improving all commercial sales and leasing activity is in the salespersons ability to see required new action to take and then in implementing it.  Habits are really hard to break for some salespeople.  New habits are really hard for others to set.  If you work in this industry, you have to work on your habits and improve them.  When you do this you will get somewhere; it takes time and effort to break into new habits and drop old ones.

We have spent years building on what we know and what we do (some of those things can be bad habits or at best a waste of time).  Most of those habits are only partially useful in commercial real estate sales and leasing.  The same can be said for the skills required in property management and shopping centre management.

So if you want to improve your commercial real estate career, market share and grow your commissions, you have to take a serious look at your daily actions and habits.  Here’s a thought:

  • Dump the habits that are holding you back
  • Improve on the habits that are useful
  • Develop new habits that can help you build your commercial real estate business and market share

In those 3 simple lines you have some real challenges.  You also have a lot of personal pain and a lot of opportunity.  The top agents in our industry deal with their habits and create personal change very well.  There is no reason why you cannot do the same; if the will is there, you can take the required action.  Develop the right habits and your market share will change radically.

In saying all of this, ‘practice’ is required when you are trying to improve your weaknesses, bring about commercial real estate change, and develop new habits.  Practice will help you solve problems and strengthen the new habits.

In our industry many agency salespeople focus on market knowledge too much; they should take a serious look at their personal skills and start to improve them at the same time.  When you bring market knowledge together will skills improvement, and new habits, to have the makings of a top agent.  Decide what your greatest weaknesses are in the industry and start taking steps to remove them or improve them.  Develop new habits.

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