escalator in a shopping mall

Shopping centers are quite special in a number of ways when you consider the property managment process.   Information has to be gathered.  Essentially the core issues of the property should be reviewed, identified and captured into an ongoing management process.  By ‘core issues’, I am referring to the bigger issues such as lease facts, tenant detail, rental recoveries, tenant mix placement, and maintenance activities.  When you have the facts of the property and the tenants in occupation, you can develop your plan and strategy.

Having managed and leased many large shopping centers over the years, I thought my approach to the process might help you.  Check out the video below.

A checklist will always help, and the checklist can be refined for the size and type of property.  In this audio program I share a number of ideas to help you with the handover process and gathering all the information that can make property management strategies successful.  (NB – if you want more ideas to help your property management activities or team, you can get them here in Snapshot – its free)

You can get the video right here: