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Here are some simple and yet effective questions to put to your commercial real estate investment clients as the property market changes and moves in different ways.

As you talk to commercial property investors today, you can find issues of pressure and change.

Every property investor will have perspectives on cash flow, income opportunity, and growth of their portfolio.

Look for the people that want your property help now as the COVID19 health event puts momentum into the commercial real estate market.

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New Property Cycle

As we enter a new property cycle, talk to many property investors to find those that are looking to expand or upgrade their investment portfolio with more properties or a change of assets. Either way, you can help them, be that in a sale scenario, or a targeted purchasing activity.

Infographic Sales Client Call Checklist

Keep the questions by the telephone so you can refer to it as you connect with investors during your calls. Here is the infographic of questions to put to commercial and retail property investors and clients.

investment client sales facts checklist
Go deeply into these questions with your property investor clients.

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