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The competitive nature of the commercial property industry and the clients that we work with are forever changing; so you should consider shaping the way in which you attract new business. There are some strategies within that approach to consider. This podcast will help you understand how to establish a system of leads and ongoing new business.

What can you do? You can create and utilize a lead generation system that picks up on your preferred property types and clients. It is a personal process and cannot be delegated.

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Get Coverage Locally

Coverage and connections matter in commercial real estate. What can you do with that? Get involved with your property market and the people in it. The active word to focus on here is ‘involved’. The more effective you are at doing that, the better it is for you.

Monitor the activities and opportunities of the local property industry and adjust your lead generation programs accordingly. Note the changes to the business environment locally and understand the segments that are active or under pressure.

Every week and every month you will see the signs and changes to commercial property enquiry, sales, and leasing. Change is a good thing. Track and measure what you can and work with it. Here is the podcast.

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