infographic for cold calling in commercial real estate

In this infographic today we give you the six target factors in building your telephone prospecting model during COVID-19. You now have plenty of time to spend on the telephone as you work from home.

People are still out there, and some of them are thinking about property in some way or form. You are the ‘toolbox’ that can help them with their investment challenges, changes, and opportunities.

Lift Your Business Over 6 Months

The next 6 months in commercial and retail property will be very busy, albeit different. Are you ready for the challenge? Start making your calls each day. Focus on being a ‘top agent’ through the new property cycle.

infographic for telephone prospecting in commercial real estate brokerage
Use these ideas to make more calls in commercial real estate brokerage.

These are the focus points that can help you get more results with your calls. Don’t make random calls, but make your calls with a specific purpose. Your mindset and questions will help you get to the real facts of client and prospect property requirements as this property market changes.