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In commercial and retail property, you can work with tenants or landlords as your clients.  It is a very special and active part of most property markets as local industry and commerce shift and change.  So that is where you can ‘fit in’.  You can provide the special leasing services to your selected clients.


How to Boost Your Leasing Services

Where do you start?  Here is a list of ideas to help with that:

  • Know where all the good quality properties are located
  • Identify leasing changes early with landlords and investors
  • Provide deep and direct leasing advice services to local property tenants.
  • Engage with tenants and landlords each day as part of a prospecting process
  • Know what is happening with supply and demand of local property.

To take these items further you can listen to this podcast on commercial real estate leasing.  Here is the program today.