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In commercial real estate agency there are all types of leasing challenges.  Some are easy to handle whilst others are more difficult. That being said, the leasing side of our business is lucrative and active, if you choose to work in it in any major town or city.

What can you do here with ‘strategic leasing’?  Understand what people are looking for when it comes to:

  • rents
  • areas
  • property improvements
  • lease terms and conditions


Gather the Right Facts in Leasing Properties

Taking these things into account, you can form a strategic way of  working with tenants and  landlords.  I have created this chart to help you capture information and look at most of the leasing variables.

Landlords, tenants, property types, locations, and marketing all present particular issues.  That being said a huge amount of opportunity is always available if you get yourself organised and focused on the key issues.  Yes I know that there are many vacancies in good properties, but that is all the better for us.  Go find those quality properties to lease in good locations!

To help you I have put together this very special A3 mindmap for all to download and checkout.  It is a deliberate large A3 format so you can put it up where you can see it as you talk to people on the telephone.

Here is the link for you.  I hope you like the chart.

leasing chart
Commercial real estate leasing strategy chart.

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