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In this real estate market, clients must first ‘purchase’ you as an agent, with your property skills, your ideas and your offerings before they will list with you. Your listing pitch should be refined and tuned to the client’s situation.

Building a ‘convincing’ agent persona is a competitive advantage in commercial real estate and is essential in presenting for a property listing. Your strategic recommendations, local market knowledge, and personal confidence will help you do that.

How different and relevant are you as an agent in your location? The implication is that the client must see and believe in your abilities, your strategies, and the value that you can provide them in commercial, industrial, or retail real estate.

Slide Deck with Listing Advantage

slide deck for listings in commercial estate brokerage
A slide deck download of ideas to use in commercial real estate listing presentations

Today, we want to share this slide deck from our Listing Agents Course to help you understand the importance of ‘relevance’ in your client offerings and property listing pitch.

In sales, leasing, and property management the message is the same; provide a confident and direct agent presentation about the client and their property situation.

Go deeper on property facts and your discussions. Be very relevant and specific in what you are saying. The slide deck here today will help you create that listing process.

A Listing Presentation That Works

The days of sales pitches and presentations are still with us, if not even more so than before. It’s all because your competitors will be attempting to do the same, you must ensure that you cover all of the real estate bases and property topics.

Where can you go with your listing ideas and how can you win more new business today? Commercial real estate is a ‘personal business’ and you will be connecting with many property people in regular ways.

Make more connections every day with new people. Maintain the contact and things will start to open up for you. Get to know your people, your location, and the property owners.

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