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When you work as a commercial real estate agent, it is easy to forget where the new business and listings can be found.

Why is there this ‘confusion’? Each day can be loaded with pressure, meetings, and conversations.

The more people you talk to the more meetings evolve. That is when the confusion starts. Stay organised as you proceed in your activities.

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Download the listing chart right here.

Looking for Properties and People

Being busy is good, but being strategic is another thing. Set your targets on who you want to talk to and why that is important now. Set your plan and activities around that.

Today I want to help you with that by giving you this Listing Planner PDF chart of ideas and questions to consider. Click here or on the image above to get the PDF checklist for real estate listings.

PDF Chart Download

listing chart for real estate agents
Download the chart by clicking on the image above.

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