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As the property market shifts and changes now, there are plenty of listing opportunities evolving with all property types. People want to do things, and that is where our services as commercial real estate agents ‘come to the fore’. In this podcast today, we can help you with the key facts behind locating listings in both sales and leasing activity.

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Take more action in your real estate business.

Taking the Right Actions

There are things that you can do every day in commercial real estate to connect with new people in strategic and helpful ways. Commercial real estate today is all about change and churn this year.  Conversations every day will take you closer to the people that need property help.  Are you a sales or leasing agent?  Either way there are things that you can do to tap more deeply into your property market.

Where do you start? There are plenty of property investors and business owners out there needing your help when it comes to solving property occupancy and investment issues. Use the ideas in this podcast today to tap into more people in your location.  Think about these strategies:

  • Contacting all the local businesses in your territory or allocated suburbs.
  • Ask questions in cold calling about property needs and changes
  • Speak to property owners about purchasing or upgrading their investments
  • Check out the local properties for business owners that may want to upgrade occupancy conditions
  • Look for the redevelopment or new development situations

When you consider the changes in your property market, there are fresh listing opportunities with business owners seeking to relocate, expand, or contract. Use those factors of momentum to create more contact calls.  That will give you some of the momenta you require with new listings.  How many calls should you make every day?  About 50 outbound calls.

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It is a team effort today in commercial real estate brokerage.

Where is the Market Headed Now?

Over the last 12 months, there has been a general slowing of the market, however, that is all changing. It is changing because of the pent-up requirements and demand. Investors and business owners need help with property change and occupancy. Investments are about to shift through more sales and purchasing situations.

Commercial Real Estate Podcast Show

If you are a sales agent, focus on contacting new people each day for at least 50% of the day. Soon you will see the conversations shifting towards the activity of sales and purchasing.

If you are a leasing agent, talk to every business owner in your location, and drop off plenty of business cards as you do that.

As you undertake that strategy, make sure you are building your database ready for the matching of people to the property events as they occur.

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