Market Case Studies Help Drive a Lot More Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business

In commercial real estate the deals that you do in sales and leasing will have real interest and value to others.  It directly follows that your successfully negotiated and closed property transaction can help you attract the interest of other sellers, buyers, and tenants.

Get the approval of your client to quote the facts of the sale or lease to the market generally.  Certainly some information from the transaction should be withheld and at the very least the names of the parties would not normally be released.  There will however be some valuable and interesting information that you can release and format into a pdf ‘market update’ or ‘industry case study’.  That information can be sent out selectively and directly by email, social media, and mail.

Know What People Are Looking For

Active buyers and investors like to know what is happening in the property market, and not all deals will be commonly known without an agent using a strategy like this.  So what can you devise that will support the process?  Try some of these ideas:

  1. Keep things specific – Separate your ‘market updates’ into separate events and transactions. Only send one update per despatch.  Given the number of deals that you are doing per month, you should have at least 4 to 6 updates to send out.
  2. Attract the readership – Use plenty of photos to attract and convert the readership. Professional photographs will convert more readers and follow-up phone calls.
  3. Talk about Challenges – Most property transactions will have issues to work through and challenges to resolve. You can create a story of facts and strategies used to resolve the sale of lease.
  4. Marketing Achievements – Make your marketing efforts stand out as special and successful to the end result. Tell the reader how you approached the target market to attract more readerships.
  5. Location specific – Group your database into locations or use a filter to achieve that grouping. In that way you can send the ‘market updates’ to the people that are most likely to have an interest.
  6. Website and Social Media – Where possible use an auto-responder and integrated database email system to send out your information. That despatch process should have a monitoring process where you can see who followed through and opened the email and pdf file.  They then become candidates for a telephone call contact.

Taking these six things into account, you can see how one successful sale or lease transaction will allow you to generate more client and prospect interest.  Most importantly you will be able to talk to a lot of people and have a reason to do so.

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