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These ideas in this video can help you get market coverage as a broker or an agent in your location. The ideas can help you tap into the right clients and the right properties in a comprehensive way. 

Use these ideas to develop a coverage plan when it comes to certain buildings, precincts, and client profiles. Delve into your property market and find the right people to connect with using these particular strategies. 

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There are always opportunities to be tapped into in any property market at any time, no matter what the status of the economy may be. It is simply a matter of identifying the right clients, the right circumstances, and the areas of churn within the property market.

Research the people and the properties in your location.  Split those properties up into classifications and also priorities.  Build a market coverage system like this.

You can use these ideas to build your personal marketing profile as a broker in your location. You can split up the city and the precinct into prime segments of activity and opportunity.

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