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In commercial real estate agency, the marketing process is central to everything that we do.  Our listings and our market share depend on the process.  Without effective marketing, the real estate business can be slow and tough.

So what should we market?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Our listings that are exclusively listed for our clients
  • Ourselves as top agents that specialise in an area and property type
  • Our varied and special services in sales, leasing, and property management
  • Our agency as a relevant and strong brokerage in the local area

Some agents cover one or two things in the list quite well.  Rarely will all marketing ‘bases’ be covered to the required level.  Each message here is real and relevant to the market; so we have a few stories to tell.

The marketing process is quite special and unique.  We convey to the market the facts about how we can help and assist landlords, property investors, property owners, and tenants.  That’s what the marketing process is in each of the four categories.

Taking all of these facts into consideration, here are some essential marketing tools and systems that will help you get your property messages to the right people:

  1. Every exclusive listing that you have on your books is an excuse to talk to many other property owners and investors in an area or precinct.  Research an area around your listings and make the necessary direct contact.  Generate more listings and control your listing stock.
  2. Ensure that all your quality listings on your website are supported by professional photographs and advertising copy.  Refresh the copy weekly.  Make sure that the message about each property is a little bit different on each website portal.
  3. Write articles on the local property market and the trends of the industry.  Post those articles on an article directory.  Post regularly and have a link at the base of your article that links back to your website of listings.
  4. Social media will be useful to build your ‘tribe’ of followers and prospects.  Keep your social media interactions professional and frequent.  Link your social media to your website and your blogs.
  5. Set up an email newsletter that can be sent to your database of contacts and prospects.  Send the newsletter on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  Make sure that those people on your database have agreed to inclusion in your ongoing contact process.
  6. Signboard presence in the local area will help you in spreading your personal brand and that of your agency.  Get the vendors of exclusive listings to fund the placement of a quality signboard on the property.
  7. Editorials should be written for your agency and all quality exclusive listings.  Any property of relevance or local market interest will have editorial potential.
  8. Blogs should be written on a weekly basis.  Post the blogs on a blogging site in your name and link the contents back to your property website.  Also link the blogs back to your social media channels.
  9. Cold Calling and direct mail should occur on a daily basis.  Set key performance targets for making calls and sending letters.

All of these things require personal effort and specific organisation; in one word that means ‘effort’.  The marketing advantages that are created here will help you build your list of clients and prospects.  Over time that can lead to a better real estate business and income.

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