Marketing Commercial Real Estate for Maximum Exposure

Written by Guest Contributor Scott Russell of Freestone Properties

Commercial real estate is a big investment, so it’s important for real estate agents to make sure that they market it in the best way possible so that they can get the most exposure to buyers.

There are many different methods of marketing real estate, and each has its own advantages.

Which methods are best for selling commercial real estate? How can you use each method to its full potential? Let’s take a look at some examples of successful real estate marketing campaigns and some tips for staying ahead of commercial competition.

First Things First: Know Your Market

The real estate market can be complex and confusing for buyers. It’s important for agents to understand the market and know what types of properties are in demand. By doing your research, you can identify trends in the market and target your marketing efforts toward potential buyers. You can also create targeted lists of potential buyers based on their interests and needs.

Understanding the commercial market is also important for pricing your properties correctly. If you price a property too high, it may not sell – but if you price it too low, you may lose out on potential profits. By doing your research and understanding what different buyers are looking for, you can price your properties realistically and find the right commercial buyer quickly.

Real estate agents who understand the market have a competitive advantage over those who don’t. By being knowledgeable about the commercial real estate market, you can sell properties more efficiently and achieve better results for your clients.

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Set Up and Optimize Your Commercial Agency’s Online Presence

One of the most important methods for marketing commercial real estate is creating a strong online presence. This includes having a professional website, utilizing social media platforms, and incorporating search engine optimization techniques.

Your website should be easy to navigate, and it should include high-quality photos and videos of the properties you are selling. And don’t forget about search engine optimization – make sure your website is optimized for search engines so that more people can find it. You can get help with this aspect of your real estate agency website by hiring a digital marketing company that specializes in real estate company optimization.

Content Marketing for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Commercial real estate agents can use content marketing to attract potential buyers. This can include writing blog posts about the real estate market, creating infographics and videos about commercial properties, and posting real estate listings on social media platforms. By providing valuable and interesting content, agents can help potential buyers learn more about the real estate market and the properties they’re ready to sell.

Traditional Forms of Marketing Are Still Effective

Traditional forms of real estate marketing, such as brochures and advertising in publications can also be effective for reaching potential buyers. It’s important to use high-quality visuals to showcase the property, including professional photographs and virtual tours. Buyers want to work with a tech-friendly agent!

Find a Professional Photographer Who Specializes in Real Estate

There are many professional real estate photographers who can help you capture the best images of your commercial properties. They know how to highlight the features of a property and create an appealing and eye-catching portfolio that will help you sell commercial real estate. You can find real estate photographers online or through referrals from other real estate professionals.

Network to Expand Your Reach

Networking with other real estate professionals can help generate leads and referrals. By collaborating with other agents, you can exchange leads and help each other find potential buyers. You can join real estate associations and attend meetings and events to connect with other professionals in the industry.

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Be Creative

It’s also beneficial to think outside the box with your real estate marketing strategies. Hosting events at the property or offering special promotions can attract attention and generate interest from potential buyers. Some special promotions you could run include:

  • Hosting a special event at the property, such as a wine tasting.
  • Offering a trial use of the property to potential buyers.
  • Giving a discount on the purchase price for buyers who sell a property with you.
  • Including a free gift with the purchase of commercial real estate.

If you’re looking to market your commercial real estate in the most effective way possible, consider using these tips. Utilize an online presence, create valuable content, and use traditional forms of marketing to reach potential buyers, all while staying tech-savvy. You can successfully market your commercial real estate and get the most exposure to buyers by being creative and staying up to date with the latest trends. 

Written by Guest Contributor Scott Russell of Freestone Properties

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