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The marketing process in commercial real estate today needs to be quite innovative and specific to the property type.  There are so many competing listings remaining on the local property market as unsold and vacant.  Your property listing needs to stand out to the target audience as the quality property that it is.

The time on market factors for most listings today can be quite lengthy.  This then says that your typical marketing campaign for an exclusive listing needs to be innovative.  Whilst you may be using some traditional promotional tools, they should be used in a way that helps creates the best enquiry and the greatest number inspections.  The days of generic marketing are well gone.

Make sure that you get vendor paid marketing funds as part of every exclusive listing process.  The client has to commit to the marketing effort and vendor paid funds are part of that process.

Here are some ideas to help you with your marketing campaign for those quality properties that you have listed.

  1. Most enquiry comes from the local area.  This then says that 75% of your marketing campaign should be directed to the local area.  The local area may be your town or city, however it will be defined as local and within that zone you will find many property investors and business proprietors that are prepared to act if they find the right property today.
  2. There is a significant difference between the marketing of an exclusive listing and an open listing.  Track the results in each case; however the exclusive listings will give you some solid trends when it comes to your marketing effort.  Identify what works, and build that marketing process into your quality listings.
  3. A signboard on a property is perhaps one of the most effective promotional tools.  It is also very cost effective.  Where possible, get the client to pay for a specific and unique promotional signboard that features the property correctly and comprehensively.
  4. When a signboard is placed on the property, personally canvass the local area, the surrounding properties, and local property investors.  Use your current and quality new listing as a reason to create new conversation and connections with the right people.
  5. Social media processes will help with property promotion.  They should not however be used as a principal method of marketing.  When you have a quality listing, you need to take it personally to the people that matter and that you have qualified through other ongoing contact.  Get involved with your campaigns so that every quality listing can be comprehensively promoted.
  6. A quality listing should be promoted on the Internet.  That will be as a listing on your website, and also as a listing on the industry portals.  You can then take the listing and cross link it back into your weekly e-mail newsletter.  If you have a personal blog process you may choose to cross link the property to your blog as a further marketing strategy.
  7. All of the advertising material should be created with due regard for both creativity and the correct keywords that apply to the property type.  You can research the keywords on the Internet so that you know what people are using when it comes to property enquiry on the search engines.

The most successful marketing campaign for property listings today will have a high personal involvement of the agent or salesperson.  I go back to the point that you should be focusing on quality exclusive listings.  On that basis all of your marketing efforts can be optimized.

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