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What is your real estate marketing doing for you now in commercial real estate? Are you reaching the right people in your location and can things improve?

If you are like most agents, the marketing process can always improve. It is a deliberate process. Consider what you can do and here below are some ideas for that.

Getting started with that marketing focus is mainly by drilling down into your territory more comprehensively. Be selective and don’t try to cover a large expanse of properties or too many people, especially so when you are starting up in the industry or taking over a new area.

Creating Your Marketing Mindset

Optimism in commercial real estate brokerage is nice to have, but realism must prevail. You are only a single person with limited daily resources (particularly time); each day for every agent has to be optimized.

What can you do with this? Talk to more people as the basic rule #1 in brokerage. It can and should be a daily prospecting event for all agents. You can build that activity into your diary each day.

Territory Marketing Plans

There are some strategies of contact and promotion to be considered here with your marketing plan. Break things down and concentrate your efforts on talking to people.

Big areas or large territories create problems of coverage and follow up, so break big zones down into smaller prospecting allocations of streets and buildings.

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Watch what is happening locally and talk to plenty of people. So you can keep a keen eye on your territory, the property investors and local business owners, plus any other people in it, and other listed properties. Maps and building information will help you do that.

A smaller focus is always better when you are real estate canvassing or covering your properties and buildings as part of the marketing plan momentum.

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Real Estate Agent Marketing Strategies for today.

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