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Create more property enquiries and hence inspections. That is the message for all agents today. Do more with your marketing efforts and strategies.

Are you looking to improve your real estate career as we move out of this slower property cycle and into a new cycle? The opportunities are many, and certainly now so for agents that get active and involved with people.

It’s time for a change. Are you ready for that? You should develop specific and non-generic marketing strategies for commercial, industrial, or retail property. There are people now looking for real estate agent services and solutions. That can be for investing, or for business operations. Either way, we can help them.

In sales, leasing, and property management, there are things to do. There are people to connect with. There are real estate conversations to create. Be the solution provider that people are looking for in brokerage sales and leasing.

Generic Advertising is Not Advised

Those agents that today still adopt a generic marketing approach typically have less success and a low success or conversion rate.  In that way, they can lose a number of listings over time.

To thrive in commercial real estate brokerage, everything hinges on the actual promotional strategy that is implemented. You can be the best agent from a base of knowledge and experience, but without an implementation strategy, everything stalls.

It is essential to make any property marketing campaign unique and special for each and every listing in today’s property market.

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Know the Publicity Limits

Due to the limited number of persons seeking to buy property or lease properties, each listing must be marketed with an objective. That is where campaign staging is a good idea with property marketing.

Generic marketing processes don’t work and more than anything else is just a practice of luck. In other words, only exclusive listings can and should take a dominant place in the promotional process with all your listing and marketing efforts.

Exclusively Promoted Properties

It is virtually a waste of time to list properties ‘openly’ in such a tough property environment. In conjunction with vendor paid marketing funds, devoted marketing camps with specific enquiry processes should take place. That is exclusivity.

The process of marketing commercial real estate can and should be optimised to reach the right target audience in the most direct way. As agents today, that is our job. Are you ready for the challenge?

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