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Selling a house is no easy task. With the prevalence of options that often exceeds demand, it takes plenty of effort in order to attract buyers to purchase a home that you’re selling. You have to make sure that your properties stand out without becoming too overpowering, and achieving this requires savvy marketing skills.

Today’s realtors have a vast selection of tools that they can utilize to help them market their properties. But what strategies will generate the most results? While the answer to that question is often dependent on a handful of factors, here are some methods agents from 100commissionrealesate emphasizes that you can implement that will definitely help you attract buyers.

Set Up Social Media

Everything nowadays in on social media. The real estate industry is no exception.

If you want the properties you’re selling to have maximum exposure, it’s a must that you set up social media pages for your company. Social media is a platform that can expose you to virtually all demographics. Plus, you can run advertisements in various social media sites that will help you reach your target market.

Take Note of the Competition’s Moves

One of your main goals when marketing your properties is to stand out from the competition. You want to offer something fresh and unique to catch the attention and interest of potential buyers.

To stand out, you should be wary of what other realtors are doing and try to devise distinct and more effective ways of getting your name out there. Of course, it also would not hurt to take note of what works for them and implement it in your own business with your own personal touch. 

Be Accessible

A hallmark of a great realtor is the ability to be able to cater to the needs of clients and prospective clients at a moment’s notice. Being accessible will help you establish a reliable reputation. This reliability will undoubtedly go a long way.

Few things are worse than missing prospective buyers just because they cannot or don’t know how to reach you. Put your contact details at the forefront of your advertisements and make sure that your answers are prompt.

Emphasize the Positive

It’s difficult, not to mention expensive, to find a property with zero flaws. The homes you are selling are bound to have some defects that just aren’t yours to fix, but this shouldn’t hinder you from making the best deal out of what you have.

When presenting your properties, be sure to highlight its positive aspects to take away the attention from its flaws. Present the home you are selling in such a way that its best features shine, whether it be a great view, a spacious living room, a unique staircase, or whatever characteristic sets the property apart from your average house.

Show Off Items

If the home that you’re selling already has furniture and appliances, don’t hesitate to show them off. The positives that you highlight shouldn’t be limited to the features of the property itself. It’s also important to showcase what’s within.

Make sure that you’re providing maximum exposure to top-notch features such as state-of-the-art kitchen equipment and rare pieces of furniture.


Say you’re selling a previously-occupied home with multiple items of furniture and interesting novelty items. Does this mean that you should show everything off to everyone?

The answer is no. While it’s great to show off what’s in the house, there’s also a point where things get over-the-top and unappealing to buyers. You’d want to declutter and only keep things that are universally appealing. Simplicity is one of the top ways to bring out the best that you can offer.

Hire a Professional Photographer

When marketing real estate, presentation can make or break you. No matter how beautiful in person your property is, it won’t attract any prospective buyers if the pictures they see online or in other advertisements aren’t exactly alluring.

This is where professional photographers come into play. Photographers can work wonders in showcasing your property in the best possible light. Investing in a professional photographer is a surefire way to make your property stand out.

Design a Virtual Tour

Today’s technology has made it possible for prospective buyers to have immersive experiences without having to set a foot on the property itself.

Having a virtual tour is a great way to get the attention of buyers and have them know about you and what you offer. In fact, a virtual tour may even help you do less work as this can be a way to filter buyers so that you get to spend more of your time talking to serious buyers who have already seen the property through the virtual tour. 

Ask for Testimonials

Maintaining connections is essential for any realtor. One of the reasons for this is that the network you have can help you market yourself to future clients.

Don’t hesitate to ask for testimonials, whether it be from previous clients or former partners. Positive feedback from other people about you can encourage prospective buyers and will help you clinch more deals. 

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