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There are two types of marketing in commercial real estate. They are mass marketing and micro marketing; they both have a place and a use. Real Estate Agents can and should use both.

Meet the People

Before I talk too much about mass marketing as a business tool for real estate agents and brokers, it is important to say that the ‘face to face’ part of our business is critical to creating leads, listings, and commissions. So it is logical to say that we must get in front of the right people in a regular way; as the decision makers in the local property market we want them to remember us as they move towards the next property decision.

Ultimately the ‘mass’ approach to marketing leads to ‘micro’ contact systems and tools with individual property people.

Mass Marketing?

So what ‘mass marketing’ tools do you use now? Are they working for you? The idea of ‘mass’ means broad coverage, and in that way you are reaching a lot of people at the same time. Some of these tools you may be using now; others perhaps you can improve.

Here is the list:

  1. Brochure drops – Every quality property can be converted to a brochure for the local area to be delivered to business owners and the property investors. After the brochures are dropped off or delivered they can be followed up with a telephone call. That is where you will find a lot of leads and opportunities. Given that the business community is a major segment of our market, it is very productive to do regular brochure drops through the postal system to business addresses and postal boxes.
  2. Direct mail – If you have the correct names and addresses for people in your database, the direct mail approach is of high value. It is the personal touch that matters when you send letters. Make the followup call in the few days after the letter would have been received.
  3. Web sites – There are a few different industry portals to use and brokerage websites to consider in property and personal marketing. The industry portals are useful but expensive, so every quality listing should incorporate a charge to the property owner for using the portals and an elite or prime type placement. Vendor paid property marketing is an important part of what we do today.
  4. Social Media – Whilst most people use social media in some form today, the process works very well for real estate agents providing they give relevant information and commentary regards local property activity. So could this be for you? I am not saying that you should swamp your social media contacts with listings; I am saying that your industry knowledge and specialisation should allow you to comment on property trends and changes in your town or city.
  5. Blogging – This is perhaps the most powerful tool for building your brand as a top agent locally. If you are prepared to write regular blogs that are helpful to the property public at large, the search engines will see what you do and lock onto your commentary. I should emphasis again that you should not promote listings in your blog; if you do that your readership will fall dramatically.

So these simple things can help you build a comprehensive mass marketing approach to your property market. Use things things to connect with plenty of business owners and property investors.

You can get more mass marketing tips for commercial real estate brokerage in our eCourse ‘Snapshot’ right here.


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