listing presentation checklist for commercial real estate agents, displayed on ipad screen

Mastering the Art of Property Listing Presentations: Your Comprehensive Checklist

As agents in commercial real estate, we have many different property types and situations to consider as listing opportunities. When that happens, we must cover all the critical issues for the particular property and the client’s problem or target. This agent checklist, available for download, will help you with your questions and focus.

So you are looking for new listings in your location and real estate business. It is time to build a strategy around that so your listing conversions can improve. Building your listing system constantly improves results. This listing checklist will help agents.

Many agents fall into the trap of being ‘ordinary’ in their listing and marketing efforts. However, by dedicating more time to these crucial listing processes and showcasing your specialization, you can significantly enhance your chances of winning new business.

Checklist Approach to Listings – Download Here

listing presentation checklist for commercial real estate agents, displayed on ipad screen
You can download the full listing checklist here.

Understand the Importance of Preparation:

Preparing for a listing presentation with any client in any market is not just important, it’s crucial. Every client and every property situation is unique, so preparation is not just a requirement, it’s your secret weapon for successful conversions.

Think about what is happening in your location now with commercial investment property. Is it a buyer or seller’s market, and what is happening with prices and enquiry? With those four questions, you will have plenty of information to merge into your listing pitch.

Don’t be afraid to talk about the realities of the current property market. Some clients may be overly optimistic about prices and their property. It is better to flush that out early in any new listing situation.

Get the Research Done:

So, your research will cover all property elements, the location, and market trends. Then, the client’s expectations and opinions will be considered.

You may need some real estate market evidence to support you with that. That evidence will include other properties on the market now and others that have sold in the last few years. What were the trends from those activities, and how do they impact the property to be listed today?

Comparable Property Information:

You may have things to say about other properties in the location, particularly similar properties.

To support that, you must adopt a visual presentation approach, including photographs of comparable properties and examples of how marketing was applied in each case. Decide why a property has sold or why it hasn’t sold. Build a story around that.

Identify the Target Buyer Profiles:

Given the property as it is today in your location, develop a firm opinion of the target audience and then determine how you will tap into that.

Knowing the target audience, what motivating factors can you use in your advertising campaign and layout? Spend your advertising money wisely across the campaign and ensure you get vendor-paid marketing funds.

By understanding your target audience, you can create a more personal and relatable marketing campaign, making your connection with the client all the more valuable.

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Build Example Advertising Messages:

What keywords and marketing channels will allow you to tap into that target market effectively?

A good thing to do here is to put your personal involvement into speaking to the people and segments in the target market. That makes your relevance to the client all that more important.

What will be the Best Method of Sale?:

Don’t just list a property for sale. Think about the best sale method to suit the target audience in terms of timing and enquiry.

Build your marketing campaign around the best method of sale, and give the client some timelines and marketing campaign choices with that.

Create a Customised Marketing Campaign:

Plenty of marketing tools for commercial real estate, but only some will be relevant to the property type and today’s property market.

There are more traditional approaches to marketing, such as newspapers and flyers, but most marketing today will be online and across social media. Don’t forget to include a reasonable degree of database contact, direct calls, and canvassing for your exclusive listings.

Create a List of Typical Client Questions and Concerns:

The property type and the location will trigger typical situations that create questions and concerns. Prepare for that, given what people are saying currently and what the supply and demand factors are creating.

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Listing Summary and Strategy

Given all of these things when listing a commercial investment property today, you can build your checklist using the items that you know are important. Every listing is unique, so ensure that your marketing recommendations and listing strategies are similarly staged.

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