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Maximizing Your Reach: The Importance of Comprehensive Online Marketing with Commercial Real Estate Listings

Today’s Internet offers plenty of online promotional strategies and tools to ensure you comprehensively cover your target market with any commercial real estate listing. Consider the facts about every listing before you choose the marketing tools and channels that can work for you.

The big focus in promoting any property should always be defining the target market first and then selecting the online and direct media channels that can work to promote the property. Putting that specific focus into property promotion will allow for better levels of enquiry.

As a special note, the marketing of exclusive listings should always be well-planned and comprehensive; conversely, the marketing of open listings can be more generic and not too much time should be spent on the process. You cannot control open listings as an agent, so don’t spend too much time on those that fall into that category.

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Agents Reaching More People?

So, taking things forward, how can you maximize your reach as an agent with your exclusive listings? Given the target market concept mentioned earlier, there are some things that you can do online, such as the following:.

1. Mix and match promotions:

Every property should be directly marketed to targeted groups and people, in addition to any online campaign. There will always be people locally or in your database list who want to know about your property listing.

Every listing is also a reason to talk to people; from those conversations, you will learn about property needs and interests. That is the self-perpetuating cycle of commercial real estate promotion.

Use the logic in all of your property marketing. It will help you find opportunities, buyers, sellers, and critical property investors and business owners locally.

2. Website listing promotions:

So just about every real estate agent has access to a group of websites where the listings may be loaded and promoted. The question is, ‘What websites or portals will be the best for the property type and the promotion?’

The focus here is to get the search engines to see the property, the location, the property type, and the real estate opportunity or message you are putting out. You can also use ‘pay per click’ on channels like Google. Set and apply a budget to the process.

3. Premium portal listing:

Some of the portals online for commercial real estate are very good and are specifically designed for real estate marketing. They also have ‘premium’ listing packages where you can target groups, keywords, location factors, and associated websites for target marketing.

The strategy of doing these other things is wise, but it costs more than the standard listing package. If you have a suitable quality property in a priority precinct to promote, the premium listing package is excellent value and should be applied to the promotional real estate campaign. Vendor-paid marketing funds should be used for the process.

4. SEO optimization:

When you look at each listing, keywords can be used in your marketing channels and advertising layouts. That then helps with attracting target audiences. If you are stuck for ideas and words for that, use a thesaurus for alternative words to use in your advertisements. You can also use one of the AI channels to give you some descriptive ideas.

Ultimately, you want the adverts you create to focus on the property and the real estate opportunity it presents to your market. After you have written the advert, you can get one of the AI channels to enhance it.

Grammarly is also a good tool for doing precisely that. The grammar will be checked and refined for the ultimate promotional message you endeavour to get out.

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5. Photos and Videos:

The visual campaign elements are always essential, and they will be centred on professional images, video ‘walk-throughs’, and drone shots of the property and precinct. As a unique approach to this, create some online folders with photos and videos available for sharing and use in any meetings you have with qualified people.

From online media, you can quickly show a ‘slide or picture show’ on your mobile phone or tablet computer. The visual approach engages in commercial real estate marketing, both sales and leasing.

6. Social Media:

The available social media channels are helpful; however, only use the best two or three you currently frequent. Using just a few social media channels, you will save time. It is a fact that you can waste a lot of time on social media.

Many agents think social media is a prime source of enquiry; that is wrong. Social media in commercial real estate is quite different from that which would apply to residential property.

Most property enquiries you create in commercial real estate will be through the direct approach. Social media will only ever be a ‘C’ class canvassing and promotional tool.

7. Email Marketing:

If you have a database, you can create a series of adverts to be distributed to a group of people in your database. Change the ad wording every couple of weeks, but keep the message within the core approach for the target audience.

8. Measuring Metrics:

Always check your metrics, feedback, or enquiry for every campaign, no matter what you do with your marketing campaigns and how you choose your promotional channels. That way, you will know how many enquiries you are getting and where the best ones are coming from. It is all about doing more with your promotional funds and budgets.

9. Use a SWOT approach to your listing research:

When you know a property well, you can build a compelling promotional message. Always work with the property’s strengths and opportunities in your advertising layouts. Any weaknesses and threats should be identified and resolved before any marketing campaign that you initiate.

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Set a comprehensive marketing plan with commercial property.

A Full Marketing Campaign

Considering all of these promotional strategies, a well-structured campaign will help you maximize your target real estate audience reach with each property.

In any property market and location, take each exclusive listing and promote it comprehensively across all the channels. As part of that, you will also build your brand as a relevant and good-quality agent.

Aim to be the best marketer of commercial real estate listings for your location and property type(s). That will help boost your real estate brand fast.

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