Meet with Members of Your Commercial Real Estate Community Frequently

There are plenty of opportunities in commercial real estate today.  Finding them can be a challenge, so you need a way of keeping up with the people in your network.  Set up a process of meetings on a regular basis to achieve that.

It is a fact that people will share more with you when you meet with them regularly.  A small discussion can help you open up into an idea or a link into a referral, or sales, leasing, or property management activity.  It directly follows that getting one or two new meetings per day will help greatly when it comes to new business and listing opportunity.

Here is a concept for you:

  • When you have one meeting with a client or prospect, take the opportunity at the end of the meeting to set up the next meeting.  It is always easier to get an appointment when you are with someone than to do it later.

To get plenty of meetings established it pays to have a few tools of contact and some local market information available.  This is what I would use:

  1. Graphs of sale prices and rentals
  2. Maps of the area showing recent sales and leasing activity
  3. Enquiry rates between property types
  4. Schedules of improvements that people are looking for today when buying or leasing property
  5. Property pictures from recent sales and leasing
  6. Examples of advertising and promotion

If you can make a meeting with a prospect or client interesting, they will not have a problem in keeping up the contact into the future.

Some of these tools will take a degree of effort to establish and maintain, however they are very powerful when it comes to creating interest.  Numbers and charts are valuable communication tools.

As you get to know many more people in your market, it is difficult to meet with everyone every 60 or 90 days, so it is important to mix and match the meetings with the right people and the higher value prospects that you have been working with.  Over time you can create real relevance with the property investors and business owners in your local area.

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