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In commercial real estate brokerage the competition between agents can be high and confusing for the clients and the prospects that we serve.  To be a top agent and win a greater percentage of the business you really need to stand out as relevant and specialized in the local area.  There is no point in being an ordinary agent; there are just too many of them around.

When you do a sales pitch for a listing, your recommendations and profile has to be attractive in all respects.  That is easy said and logical, but it can be hard for some agents to understand.

To neutralize the competition you need to be the ‘best choice’ of agent in all respects.  All of these factors should be aligned to the client and their property:

  • Best market coverage across the property type and area
  • Property specialisation
  • Marketing solutions that are quite special and unique to the property and the target market
  • A high quality database of contacts and prospects that attracts buyers, tenants, sellers and landlords to your services
  • High quality negotiation skills that are proven for the challenges that the client has today

These factors speak volumes when it comes to winning a listing.  It is hard for a client to ignore them.

Marketing a property is not an experiment; you cannot be an ordinary agent in this market.  Most clients will choose the agent based on skill and relevance.  Over pricing and discounts are not high on the list when it comes to the final property marketing decision (if they are then you are dealing with the wrong client).

What you really need in your real estate sales territory is to lift your profile to a level where the client knows that they must use you; you want them to listen to what you have to say and to take your recommendations.  In saying that I go back to the five points I mentioned earlier.  Consider them now; can you say without a doubt that you are the best solution in those respects?

Property sales, leasing, and property management requires skill and focus.  Pick the part of the market that you can relate to and that you enjoy (it is hard to do very well on a market segment that you find uninteresting).  When you know what you are to focus on, start the process in every respect.  Drive your real estate business forward with a massive profile of professionalism and specialization.  The prospects and clients in the market will soon understand that you are the ‘go to’ agent for the property challenge that they have before them.

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