A Simple and Hot New Business Idea in Commercial Real Estate

Most of the new business that you create in commercial real estate will be by your personal actions. To create more clients, leads and opportunities, the idea in this podcast will take you forward faster with better results.

Don’t make things too hard for yourself. Simplicity and consistency are easy to achieve in brokerage with a bit of planning and research.

Remember that the top agents are highly organised and optimized in what they can and will do every day. How does that sound to you?

There are always plenty of new people to find and contact each day. In saying that, the conversations and numbers that you achieve will impact your results.

Aiming at the right people and properties can help you rise to prominence in your local property market. It is a priority to be worked on that reaps great value over time. Put a spotlight on the right people and properties in your location and use these ideas to do that for you.

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So, how do you get your numbers up to engage with new people? Try the simple and effective idea in this podcast by John Highman today. Let us get your momentum up in a consistent way. Perhaps it is a matter of concentration, and that is at the heart of what we are saying here today.

The importance of how you use your time can never be understated. Bring some focus into your real estate day. Attention to systems and details will help your real estate business thrive. Lock in the plan and start taking action in this way

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Center on People and Conversations

How do you find more new business today as a real estate agent?  It is a matter of putting more focus and strategy into your client contact process. Identify the clients that you believe are the most valuable for you in your location and by property type.   Then use the ideas in this podcast to lift your prospecting numbers.

Where or how do you start?  It is all about making connections; that is the best way to build your real estate business faster this year. Make more connections from an intelligent and professional approach to the right people.  Your property messages and information are leverage points to reaching out to new people.

Do the research each day so that your list of potential contacts grows consistently. Then start your conversations.  Share information with local people about property choices and changes.  From this simple task, your listing potential and commission chances will rise.  Exercise some discipline in your activities as an agent.  Activity in consistent ways will lead to real estate opportunity over time.

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Create some focus in your real estate business

Engagement Strategies for Today

How will you engage with more people every day? Try a street and building research process.  Consistency in research is something to consider and implement.

In this podcast today, we will give you one simple and yet fundamental rule to help you engage with more people in direct ways. Have you considered how you can improve your contact processes this year?

Simplicity Always Works

Try the simple idea in this podcast so that you can grow your business communications with direct effort and greater success.

Don’t fall into the ‘averages’ when it comes to ongoing client engagement. Strive to be better than any other agent in your brokerage or location in talking to new people. Accent your strengths as an agent in your location. Repeat the process with the right people.

Use these ideas to ensure that your momentum is optimised when it comes to new conversations and new contact processes.

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