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No Limits to Lead Generation – Be Prepared

In commercial real estate brokerage, the leads and the opportunities are always available when you look a bit deeper in to the local area, and ask the questions of the right people at the right time.  The property market always changes and churns with new developments, investors, buyers, business owners and tenants.  (NB- You can get more lead generation tips as part of the real estate snapshot program right here – it is free)


Creating Leads and Opportunities

How do you tap into these people?  Here are some ideas:

  • Constant regular contact – in this way you will build a degree of presence and relevance with the ‘players of the property market’.
  • Signboards – most clients and prospects like to work with the agent or broker that has ‘visible presence’ in the local area.  It stands to reason that such an agent would get more enquiry and have deeper awareness of local listings and market conditions.
  • Internet listings and online presence – now lots of agents and brokers will have a good degree of internet listings placed online.  The problem here is that most of those people are not refreshing the listings, changing the photos over, revitalising the advertisement copy, and or changing the portals and websites with each exclusive listing.  It stands to reason that everything that you place online should be revamped each 60 days as an absolute minimum (30 days with any exclusive listing as a general rule).
  • Online marketing – there are many things that you can do yourself with real estate articles, social media, editorials, photographs, and market reports.  Use your social media platforms with local property information comprehensively created and targeted at the people that are your client or prospect base.

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