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Online Marketing and Technology Ideas in Commercial Real Estate

Your brand in commercial real estate should include a good degree of online marketing to help you get momentum in your property market individually. It’s all about strategy and consistency in the process.

Everyone knows that it is competitive in commercial real estate brokerage.  Strategies are required to get through that problem. There are things that you can do to improve your brokerage brand and your presence as an agent for a location. 

What is the target? Seek to stand out as a ‘special agent’ in a location and within a property type; don’t try to be the agent that covers everything and all property types.  If you continually connect with local people, you will find that the momentum will build and your personal brand will get some strength.

Preferred Property Types

If your town or city is large, you will have certain property types to select and work with.  Ensure that you are choosing the types of property that have a good future for you.  Some property types and business classes are better than others.

Let’s look at marketing and technology to help you get more traction in your brokerage activities.  How are you using your technology tools for marketing now?  It is an ever-evolving and changing market.

So, where does ‘technology’ fit into a brokerage and within the ideas or strategies of setting a ‘competitive advantage’?  More importantly, how can you make this work for you? 

To answer the questions, you do more with what tools you have available now and perhaps are not using effectively.  Here are some examples.

  • E-Brochures – the PDF format of a property brochure is a common method of sharing property facts and details.  Put hyperlinks in the brochure to cloud-based storage of photos and videos.  In doing that, you can track just who accesses those links from the brochure, and then you can follow up on the person or people showing more interest in clicking the links.
  • Set up a Blog – this is or can be a marking tool for you individually and can contain commentary and blog posts about the property market, investment information, industry updates, listings, and case studies.  The more frequently you can do that, the better it is for you in building an online presence as the agent for the location and or property type.
  • YouTube – videos are highly important when it comes to online marketing for all real estate businesses today.  Commercial property is no different. All your properties should feature a video of some type anyway and that can be on your website or on the portals.  That placement will be vendor funded and supported in the advertising campaign for the property.  Now, take that a bit further and consider YouTube. You can use YouTube for videos that inform people about property investment and property types.  Be informative, given that YouTube is designed for that very purpose. Talk about your property market and give helpful ideas about property change and investment ideas. If you do that regularly and publish that you YouTube, you will find that you are able to use the posts in your social media activities. That can be highly relevant and successful.
  • Podcast – this type of marketing tool has made a major ‘come-back’ in recent times, and particularly because of the huge growth in mobile phone coverage and technology.  It can now be used by property agents very successfully to promote their brand and local area coverage.  iTunes is the most active podcast directory, however, there are some others that can do the job well such as Spotify.  It is easy to set up a podcast online.  You can use a podcast host and service provider such as Libsyn.  If all of this seems a bit daunting initially, then still create an audio show anyway, where you talk about the local property market, and then place the audio in your blog and social media platforms.  Soon you will understand how it all seems to work and your business ideas, stories, and personality can then feed into the marketing initiative.

Small steps like this will help you create some new marketing initiatives in your commercial real estate market.  There is no point in being ordinary in commercial real estate brokerage today. 

There are plenty of local area marketing tools that are economically available and easy to use.  Build your real estate brand by going that little bit further in your activities using simple strategies like these mentioned.

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