Outstanding Photography Sells More Commercial Property

In the marketing of any property, the use of outstanding photography should be the norm and not the exception.  The issue here of course here is that professional property photography costs money and the agent should not be the one paying for it.  On that basis the seller or landlord for any property to be marketed should be encouraged to pay for professional images to be taken in and around the property.  Vendor paid marketing should be part of the promotional strategy for any high quality listing.

Have you ever visited the industry website portal and seen the large number of poor quality listing photographs used by some agents?  It stands to reason that a bit more effort in preparing for the marketing with good images will always give your client and property listing prominence in the industry portal.  So what makes a good image for a property?  Here are some ideas:

  • Daylight and particularly sunlight on the front of the building
  • Colour use in the image perhaps by overlay of words that sell the property
  • Angles at which the photograph is taken to feature the best parts of the property
  • The time of day where the sun is low in the sky and shining directly at the property frontage
  • Putting something of ‘scale’ in the foreground of the photo to allow greater interest in the image.

When you visit a property website where professional photographs have been used by the agent the advantages are very evident.  Here are some findings:

  • Reduced bounce rate – The bounce rate on the website is lower, thereby indicating that visitors want to look at the listing longer and read into the property notation and descriptions.
  • Higher conversion rate – The conversion rate per property is higher when it comes to attracting enquiry and calls back into your office.  That will then lead to more inspections.
  • New business generation – An agency using quality photographs sends a clear message that they are the ‘top agency’ for any quality property and for those properties that require a ‘high end’ promotional campaign.
  • Elevated inbound inquiry rate – You will get more telephone calls from a professionally taken photographic image of the property.

So the message here is quite clear.  If you have a good quality property listed exclusively, then the client should be asked for funds for you to obtain professional photos of the listing.  It is easy to sell the concept if you use the points mentioned here.  Most clients want results faster in any sale or lease, and a quality professionally taken property photograph will allow that.

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