Painless and Proven Marketing Strategies for Commercial Brokerage

If one of your commercial real estate clients or prospects asked you why you are different as a real estate agent and why they should list their property with you, what would you say? Have you got some ideas?

It can be a very difficult question for some agents and brokers to answer with clarity. To solve that you should have a marketing process and strategy that helps you build your real estate business directly and with relevance with the right people. Why are you the best agent solution in your location? Why should the client choose you to help them with property matters?

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In this podcast today, we share the ideas behind direct and deliberate marketing and the tools to use in your brokerage game. Take the strategies into your location and drive your real estate business forward.

Develop some clear points of difference and relevance in the market that can take you forward as a specialist property agent and industry expert. The ‘generic’ approach doesn’t work in our industry. Be the best agent that you can be.

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