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Personal Online Marketing Free Wall-chart Download for Commercial Brokers

The process of marketing in commercial real estate has changed and is continuing to do so.  The online marketing process at a personal level is now becoming more important than ever before.  

While you are doing deals in sales, leasing, and property management, you should also be marketing yourself online so your prospects can see that you are really active.

So you already market your listings online, and now is the time to improve your personal profile on the internet.   Here is the latest wall-chart for you.  Pass the link around your team to help your fellow agents see what can be done with an online profile for brokers and agents today.

So the idea with this new chart is that you can do many things at a personal level to improve your profile on-line as a top broker.  The idea is that you should choose just a few things and do them comprehensively and well.

Commercial Real Estate Chart
Online marketing chart for brokers and agents.

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