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In commercial real estate brokerage, it is important for you to be personally ‘unique’ when it comes to marketing and client contact.  All too often we see brokers and agents take the ‘easy way out’ when it comes to client connection.

You can change this by doing things a bit differently in addition to the timely communications that are required in any sale or lease transaction.  The marketing process today is both at a property level and also at an individual level.  What can you do to improve your profile with your prospects and good clients?

I am not saying that you should do away with the internet, the mobile telephone, or email; I am saying that you can do other additional things that send a quality personal message to your clients.  Sending a personalised note in the mail is one of them, however there are a few more to use as well.

Here are some ideas to improve your client connections in this way:

  1. After a successful transaction or negotiation, send a handwritten ‘note of thanks’ in the mail.
  2. If a client has an important event occurring, send a note to encourage or acknowledge that fact.
  3. If an interesting article on a local event is occurring soon, cut out a news clipping and send it to the client with your comments.
  4. If you miss out on a listing or a deal, send a note to the client thanking them for considering you and your brokerage.  Offer to help them if anything else occurs in the future.
  5. Give the client some tips about the market and the property types that they are interested in.
  6. When you send out brochures to your clients and prospects, pin a personal note to it with your business card.

So you can do quite a lot with your clients in different ways.  The importance of the process is that you are professional and seen as such.  A personal approach in commercial real estate brokerage will help you with that.

Get a good contact management system to help you maintain the contact with quality clients and prospects.

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