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When you are pitching your real estate services to a prospective seller of commercial real estate, the best way to approach the presentation is to be comprehensive, accurate and precise.  The seller must see that you are on top of the issues at hand and that you have some solid solutions that they can use.

In most cases the agent that wins the listing is the one that covers all the property issues and offers a confident set of solutions that can help the client through their barriers and challenges.  Some would say that the price offered will have an impact on the choice of the client; however reality says that most real estate agents are selected on a ‘cocktail’ of issues.

Every client is unique and should be treated that way to get to the real motivators of their property sale and marketing requirement.

To help with your next property pitch or presentation to a seller, here are some proven strategies to assist your listing conversion:

  1. Inspect the property first and make sure you do that with the client present.  This is the first opportunity to show the client your relevance as an agent to the property and the marketing approach.  As you walk through the property talk about the property from the client’s perspective and feed into that the strengths and weaknesses of the property as you see them today.  Ultimately you should have achieved a solid perspective on the ‘target market’ for the property as part of the process.  Help the client ‘see’ the target market of buyers that you are recommending and explain how you will be attracting those buyers.
  2. Assess the improvements, services, and amenities as they apply to the property.  How will those factors assist or hinder the listing and marketing process?  At this point you should be looking at the listing to view it from a buyer’s perspective.  Any major weaknesses or ‘hurdles’ in the property sale should be considered and addressed at this point before any marketing campaign has commenced.
  3. Consider the best method of sale that matches the expectations of the target market of buyers.  The best method of sale will lead you into the structure of the marketing campaign.  The method of sale is likely to raise the question of price in the mind of the seller, so you will need to have your answers ready.
  4. Every marketing campaign should be comprehensively focused on a positive outcome using vendor paid marketing funds and the exclusive listing process.  There are many alternatives when it comes to promoting a property; consider the best ones to get the message out to targeted buyers, and to facilitate the greatest number of inspections in the shortest period of time.  Get some urgency into the marketing process that brings your buyers out from the market, and encourages their inspection.
  5. Comparable properties in the same general area will have an impact on listing price and also your choice of marketing.  Look at the properties that you are competing against and determine how you will move through that challenge.  In an ideal marketing situation your property needs to be better than the other listings, and your marketing solutions should send that message.

Bundle all of this information in a comprehensive package of action and information for the seller.  Use a ‘time line’ approach to help them see what needs to be done and when that will occur.  You can use a ‘Gantt chart’ to do that very effectively.

You can convert more sellers to list their property with you when you have comprehensively covered off on all the facts of the market, the property, the client, and the ideal buyers as you see them.  Practice your sales pitch accordingly.

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