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There are always tenants out in the local property market looking to move or expand to more appropriate premises.  That is a good thing for you. Get to know the local businesses, the precincts, and the properties. Within those three categories, you will find leasing movement, tenants to relocate, and businesses seeking expansion or change.

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So where do you start the process of lease review and contact? You ask questions as you make calls. Cold calling really works in commercial real estate brokerage leasing. Talk to the business owners and all tenants in your region.

By tracking lease expiry dates and connecting with the business leaders regularly you will find the tenants that you require; from that point on, it is simply a matter of staying in regular leasing contact in a relevant way. 

Here is a commercial real estate leasing info-graphic to help you find office tenants:

commercial real estate leasing chart for finding office tenants
How to Find Commercial Real Estate Office Tenants for High-rise buildings and city properties.

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